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montblanc pencils

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Another cult brand that signals that the montblanc fineliner wearer is a connoisseur is mont blanc pens Thierry Lasry. Ed Burstell, buyer for Liberty, which stocks the brand in its new Sunglasses Salon, says: "Lasry's experimentation with colour, montblanc pencils balanced with the pure quality of his handmade designs and frames, puts most of the established eyewear houses to shame. It's easy to see why people are
montblanc pencil fighting to get their hands on his frames." They know that a celebrity is only as good as her latest pair of shades.

A perennial favourite, Steve McQueen is
montblanc ingrid bergman particularly popular at the moment as fashion moves in a more obviously manly, rugged direction. When the eyewear group Luxottica,


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