montblanc fountain pens


montblanc fountain pens

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A perennial favourite, Steve McQueen is montblanc pencils particularly popular at the montblanc ingrid bergman moment as fashion moves in a more obviously manly, rugged direction. When the eyewear group Luxottica, which produces sunglasses for many montblanc fountain pens of the major brands, introduced a limited-edition version of McQueen's trademark Persol 714 shades earlier this year, they attracted a waiting list then sold out within two days.

It's not only celebrities who pay this kind of montblanc rollerball pen homage. Gareth Scourfield, senior fashion editor at Esquire magazine, says he bought his Ray-Ban Clubmaster classics "after I shot a fashion story inspired by mont blanc pencils the late great JFK, a man who is unnervingly cool". Scourfield says that he would like to branch out into aviators but, "they don't suit my face shape. I can't help but think I look more like Tweety Pie or Mr Potato Head – not a look I would particularly like to endorse this summer".


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